At Malwa Steels, we have our own defined parameters to produce high quality products of international standards. We follow different procedures at different levels using the latest technology and equipments. Each hardware product at Malwa Steels is inspected for its quality at all stages of manufacturing by a team of well trained inspectors. These inspectors are authorized to abort the process at any stage, if the products are found to be deviating from standards. So, the products that reach in the market is of the best quality.

At Malwa Steels, quality is an integral part of our working style and we aim to achieve and sustain this excellence in all our activities right from the conceptualization of the product to its finalization. As, the processing of steel involves high energy cost and often results in pollution, sustained efforts are also being made to reduce the consumption of energy and to optimize resource utilization so as to keep pollution within the prescribed norms. Apart from this efforts are also being made to follow strict fire control measures so as to provide our workforce with an accident free work environment.

Hardness Testing Machine
Universal Testing Machine